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It is one of the most popular social networks among people under 20. If TikTok somewhat stole the show, Snapchat remains an essential digital communication medium for reaching a young and ultra-connected target. The platform also offers great opportunities for companies wishing to interact with this audience. It even has its own advertising agency, Snapchat Ads.

Advertising on Snapchat is a real boon for companies that want to increase their visibility and sales. This assumes, of course, that it is well exploited!

That’s why today we invite you to take an overview of advertising on Snapchat. We give you all the information you need to make your first ads and thus effectively boost your business.

What is the Snapchat social network?

Snapchat (or “Snap” as its users call it) is above all a mobile application, available on Android and iOS (although it has recently been available in a “desktop” version). It is easily recognized by its logo: a small white ghost on a yellow background.

Snapchat originally allows sharing a photo or video to people for a short duration. After a few seconds, the content becomes inaccessible. This concept, based on the sharing of ephemeral content, has largely contributed to the development of the application.

Since then, Snapchat has evolved and now offers many features such as:

  • The addition of filters: comical, aesthetic or absurd, they too have greatly contributed to the success of the application;
  • Instant messaging;
  • The creation of avatars;
  • Sharing stories (which at the time prompted Instagram to update its application);
  • Etc.

Today, the Snapchat social network has nearly 350 million active users worldwide. In Europe alone, millions of people use the app every month (more than half of them are under 34).

The Snapchat revolution also marks a change in our habits of consuming content. If before the computer still occupied an important place in our relationship to social networks, Snapchat changes the game. It is, in fact, the first network to be 100% mobile-oriented.

It thus transforms the way we interact with our loved ones (or strangers). A fortiori, the instantaneous and ephemeral nature promoted by Snapchat has considerably influenced the evolutions of other social media, such as Instagram.

Why advertise on Snapchat? 

If you are looking to communicate with a young target (Generations Z and Alpha), advertising on Snapchat appears to be one of the most effective marketing levers. 72% of under 34s log in to the app daily.

It is an ideal medium for sharing creative, humorous or offbeat content. These are all opportunities to create a strong emotional relationship with your audience. This influences, by extension, your brand image. It is therefore a lasting investment for your company, on which it can rely to increase its turnover. Snapchat can thus be integrated into your acquisition and loyalty strategy.

The different Snapchat Ads advertising formats

Snapchat Ads is the advertising network of the eponymous social network. It allows you to broadcast ads on Snapchat, in different formats, which are:

  • Unique Snapchat Ads (photo or video),
  • Collection Ads,
  • story ads,
  • “Lenses AR Experiences” (Snapchat lenses),
  • The “Commercials”,
  • The filters.

Unique Snapchat Ads (photo or video)

Unique Snapchat Ads consist of a vertical image or video, combined with a call to action (accessible with a “Swipe Up”). This advertising format appears when the user scrolls through content in the “Discover” tab. 

Collection Ads

On Snapchat, Collection Ads are carousels of images or videos that appear between two stories. This advertising format is particularly suitable for promoting online shops.

At the bottom of the screen, your products are displayed in the form of square thumbnails and redirect in one click to the product sheets of your e-commerce site. As such, if you are looking to increase the traffic of the latter, Collection Ads prove to be a very effective tool.

Story Ads 

Story Ads appear, as their name suggests, in Snapchat stories. It is thus a series of images or videos, to which a call to action is associated. Story Ads are also accessible from the “Discover” tab.

AR Experiences Lenses 

Snapchat’s Lenses AR Experiences (or lenses) use augmented reality to engage the user through interactive, creative and memorable content. It is a unique advertising format that particularly appeals to young audiences. Snapchat has also developed its own tool (Lens Web Builder) to allow all brands to create these augmented reality experiences.


Snapchat Commercials are a more traditional advertising format. These are actually non-skippable ad campaigns for 3-6 seconds. Content can be longer (up to 180 seconds). It is a type of advertising similar to that offered by YouTube.

Snapchat sponsored filters

Snapchat Sponsored Filters are among the app’s most popular ad formats. They allow your brand to be integrated into user content, which the user will share with their friends or followers. Thus, creating an aesthetic Snapchat filter is a good way to effectively increase your notoriety among a large audience.

6 Steps to Advertising on Snapchat 

If you want to advertise on Snapchat, the procedure is simple and takes place in 6 steps:

1. Sign up for Snapchat Ads Manager

This is a prerequisite for running your first ads on Snapchat: sign up for Snapchat Ads Manager. It’s a quick process and above all 100% free.

If you manage a Shopify online store, you can link your Snapchat advertising account to your back office by downloading the dedicated application (available for free in the Shopify App Store). You will be able to program your advertisements directly from the e-commerce platform.

2. Install the Snapchat Pixel

Like Facebook (Meta), Snapchat offers to link your ads to your website to measure their performance. Thanks to Pixel Snapchat, you can then track the visits and sales generated by your campaign and analyze its profitability (ROI).

It can easily be installed on a WordPress site or a Shopify e-commerce site by following a dedicated installation guide. You can also call on a web agency in Reunion to help you!

3. Create your Snapchat ad

It’s time to create your Snapchat ad based on the format you think is most relevant. Snapchat gives all the recommendations for developing ads that are perfectly suited to the requirements of the app.

For example, if you want to promote your e-commerce products, you can choose the “Collection Ads” format. For this one, you will have to produce a video, to which your products are associated. These are illustrated by static, square images, which appear at the bottom of the screen. Each is associated with a URL, i.e. the corresponding product sheet on your online store.

In addition to producing visual content, you will also need to configure various elements (depending on the advertising format chosen). Most often, this will be defining the call to action. This is a link accessible by “swipe up”, which redirects the user to a landing page (also called “landing page”). The quality and relevance of it is just as strategic as your advertising on Snapchat.

4. Select Snapchat Ad Audience 

Like most social media, Snapchat offers very advanced audience filtering options. That of your Snapchat advertising can therefore be very fine, if that is your objective. You can rely on criteria such as:

  • The geolocation of users,
  • Their age,
  • their kind,
  • their interests,
  • Their tongue,
  • The operating system they use (iOS or Android), etc.

5. Set Snapchat Ad Campaign Budget

Your advertising on Snapchat can be based on a daily or global budget (spread, in this case, over the entire campaign period). For information, the daily budget must be at least five euros.

Defining your advertising budget for Snapchat depends on your goals and ambitions for this campaign. To help you choose the ideal amount, Snapchat gives an estimate of the number of displays and “swipe ups” as an indication. This can therefore allow you to define the budget that best corresponds to the expected performance.

Be careful, though: a high budget does not guarantee the success of your advertising on Snapchat. This depends above all on the quality of your content and the relevance of the targeting. To define the most appropriate strategy for your business, you can save time by being accompanied by a Social Media agency. You will benefit from his experience and know-how to create effective Snapchat ads, with ROist intent.

6. Define the campaign objective 

To allow the Snapchat algorithm to better target the audience, you need to set a goal for your ad campaign. It can be to improve your notoriety, the engagement of your users or your e-commerce sales.

As such, the advertising format chosen must correspond to the targeted objective. For example, filters and “Lenses” are ideal for creating engagement. Collection Ads are ideal for promoting e-commerce products and, in fact, promote conversion. The “Commercial” or “Story” formats are, for their part, more suitable if one seeks above all to increase the notoriety of a brand.

One last tip: if you’re lost and don’t know where to start, consider hiring a Snapchat and Social Ads expert. He gives you personalized advice to develop your strategy. It can also take care of creating your advertising content for you, as well as setting up and optimizing your campaign. You then benefit from tailor-made support, modeled on your objectives.

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