Lead magnet: how to convert more visitors into customers?

by Brohems
Lead magnet: how to convert more visitors into customers?

Turn your website traffic into sales? It is possible, with the right growth marketing tools, methods and strategy. Thanks to well-crafted scenarios, you can guide your visitors through your sales funnel. The objective: to generate leads to convert them into prospects, then into customers. This is called lead nurturing.

Before getting there, you still need to be able to initiate contact with your visitors. For this, you need their contact details and in particular their e-mail. It is this valuable information that will allow you to trigger your marketing scenarios. 

Lead generation is therefore one of the first challenges of your digital strategy. So, to collect the emails of Internet users who visit your web pages, there is an essential tool: the lead magnet. Find out how to use this marketing lever to convert more visitors into customers. 

What is a lead magnet? 

A lead magnet is free, high-value content that you offer to your website visitor in exchange for their contact information. It contributes to transforming an anonymous Internet user into an identified lead: you can associate a first name, a last name, an e-mail or any other information useful to your field of activity. 

Useful for lead generation, this premium content also generates potentially qualified traffic on your website. Thanks to adapted content marketing, optimized for natural referencing, you can position yourself on strategic keywords. Thus, you maximize your chances of appearing in a good position in Google search results. 

Meeting its SEO criteria ensures you, as a result, to increase inbound traffic. You will of course also have to work on your content strategy to benefit from a maximum conversion rate. Your content marketing must be relevant and convincing enough to encourage the Internet user to leave you their e-mail.

The key success factors of lead magnets 

To create a successful lead magnet, you must: 

  • Bring added value to your target, 
  • Enhance your lead magnet with the right content strategy, 
  • Meet the basic requirements of this communication medium. 

1) Bring added value to your audience 

To achieve its objectives, a lead magnet must bring value to the Internet user. This is the sine qua non to convince him to give you his contact information. Therefore, this is the first thing you need to define to create a lead magnet: what do you concretely offer your visitors?

Generally, this is based on one of these three axes: 

  1. Save time (in terms of research, in particular) 
  2. Acquire new knowledge 
  3. Finding a practical solution to a problem 

This assumes that, to identify the problem to which your “lead magnet” must respond, you know your target. Customer knowledge is the foundation of any marketing strategy.

To feed it, you can rely on different sources such as: 

  • Just a person in marketing,
  • The statistics of your website (via Google Analytics, for example), 
  • Your CRM database
  • Comments from your sales and after-sales teams, 
  • Market studies, etc. 

2) Make the visitor want to download your lead magnet 

If you’re driving traffic to your lead magnet download page, that’s a good start. The challenge now is to make your visitor want to download it!

To do this, you work on three inseparable elements of the lead magnet:

  • The landing page ( landing page ), 
  • The contact form,
  • The call-to-action button.

The landing page is the page on which the Internet user arrives to download the lead magnet. Its content is entirely action-oriented. The structure and the messages it contains therefore have a major influence on the conversion rate. 

It is then a question of optimizing your content for: 

  1. Expose the problem of your visitor visitor (of which he may not be aware); 
  2. Demonstrate the added value of your premium content, that is to say the solution it brings to the problem of the Internet user. 

Your landing page also highlights the contact form, through which the visitor leaves his contact details, and the call to action buttons. These must indicate a concrete action (“download”, “launch the simulation”, “get a quote”, etc.) or highlight the objective of the lead magnet (“I want to save money”, “I want to lose weight”, etc.).

3) Meet the fundamental requirements of the lead magnet 

For your lead magnet to bear fruit, both in terms of traffic and lead generation, there are several fundamental rules to follow. 

The first is not to mislead your visitor: the promise you announce on your landing page must be kept. Remember that the lead magnet is a tool intended to integrate your visitor into your sales funnel. The marketing actions that you will then launch should make it possible to establish a relationship of trust with this lead in order to transform him into a customer. Therefore, if the content of your lead magnet does not meet its expectations, you will not be able to achieve this goal.

The second requirement is more down-to-earth. When an Internet user agrees to leave you his contact details, tell yourself that he is doing you an honor. He is not fooled: he is aware that you will use this information to ultimately try to sell him products or services (what matters is to do it with subtlety and above all with the right strategy).

As a result, he expects not only to receive quality information, but above all that it reaches him instantly. Your lead magnet must therefore meet this requirement of immediacy. If it is an e-book or a template, the sending by e-mail or the download must start immediately and automatically. If it is a simulation, the result is displayed in the second. Otherwise, we go back to point one: your visitor will feel “cheated” and you will lose any chance of converting them later. 

One last tip to finish: multiply the promotion of your lead magnets on all the communication channels at your disposal. Website, Google Ads advertising, social networks: the more traffic you generate on your landing page, the more leads you potentially generate. It is then in your interest to develop a marketing strategy to promote your lead magnets.

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