How to find customers on the internet, thanks to digital

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How to find customers on the internet thanks to digital

What digital system should be put in place to find new customers on the internet? Discover 12 digital communication channels to use to develop a customer acquisition strategy.

Preamble :

When you run a business, winning new customers every year is vital to your growth. However, before you set out to conquer other potential customers, it is important to identify who your personas are and analyze their behaviors. Thus, you will define an effective digital strategy to develop your business.

Develop a strategic plan to achieve your marketing and business goals

Your digital strategy should focus on SMART objectives and indicators. Establish a communication budget to achieve your objectives. Define performance indicators for each digital communication channel to measure the ROI of your web, marketing and digital actions.

12 digital communication channels to use to find new customers on the internet

The website made with a CMS

This tool allows your future customers to easily find information on your services or products as well as your contact details. Thanks to a structured website that is well referenced on search engines, you will increase your traffic and lead generation.

The professional blog

The creation of a business blog allows you to demonstrate your expertise and highlight your knowledge in a particular sector. The blog also allows you to optimize natural referencing (SEO). Thanks to the articles and news published, your visitors will be able to regularly see your offers, post comments and share them.

The editorial newsletter and transactional emails

The creation of a newsletter is used to relay articles and news from your professional blog. Transactional emails are sent for the purpose of selling your products or services.

They can be designed with a marketing automation software vendor and distributed to prospects.

The online catalog

The online catalog enhances your image and strengthens your visibility on the internet. It will attract more visitors and boost your sales.

The purpose of a digital catalog is to showcase your products. It allows Internet users to easily download it and then interact with your business. You will therefore be able to analyze their behavior.

The mobile app

A mobile application makes it possible to offer users new experiences. Navigation is easier. Access to information is then simpler, more fluid and accessible. An application reinforces the image of your company and allows you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Thanks to push notifications, users will be able to connect quickly, see your news and interact with you.

Social media platforms

Try to identify social networks that naturally work well in your industry. Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok, allow you to target your audience more broadly. By regularly posting news or creating advertising campaigns, you will reach new customers.

Natural referencing (SEO)

Natural referencing ensures long-term organic traffic growth. Integrated into a digital and commercial marketing strategy, it will have a direct impact on your online sales.

Paid referencing (SEA)

The SEA will build your notoriety, but also ensure immediate traffic by being positioned with ads at the top of search engine pages. Platforms such as Google Ads and Microsoft Ads allow you to create your advertising campaigns and position yourself on strategic keywords in relation to the competition. Your ads can be redirected to landing pages allowing you to collect new leads. Find out what are the advantages of creating an advertising campaign.

Online directories

They will allow you to increase your visibility on the internet and therefore generate traffic to your website. They have the advantage of showing the quality of your services or your products through reviews or comments posted by customers.


There are different advertising channels (web marketing, advertisements in online media). You will thus choose the media that will be used the most by your customers. You can use advertising agencies to boost your visibility on the internet and make more sales.


Online marketplaces have a high reputation and therefore have a very high traffic. If you put your products online on marketplaces, you will get new sales very quickly. You will reach potential buyers more easily.


Many companies have now integrated affiliation into their digital marketing strategy. The objectives of affiliation are the generation of qualified traffic, the collection of leads and the increase in sales. Advertisers determine their compensation criteria based on their objectives. They only pay if they got results.

Why use a digital agency to find new clients on the internet

A digital marketing agency can help you put in place a digital strategy adapted to your company. The advantages: taking a step back to optimize your marketing strategy, saving time, because you are accompanied by consultants who give you digital advice and who implement your various strategies to find new customers on the internet.

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