How to digitize your marketing department

by Brohems
How to digitize your marketing department

Digitize its marketing department for a customer-oriented approach. The marketing function must adapt to meet consumer expectations. Review the way you communicate, generate demand and go digital to create a unique customer experience. Our advice for a successful transformation.

In an increasingly digital environment, consumer expectations and needs are constantly changing. Your marketing department must therefore be able to adapt very quickly. He must integrate new marketing techniques and use different digital communication channels that will allow him to generate demand to effectively sell your products or services. Therefore, he must regularly review his digital marketing strategy.

Here are our tips for a successful digital marketing strategy.

Capitalize on data for a Customer Centric strategy

Collect, qualify, segment and use your customer data to offer a unique and personalized experience to your consumers. Placing your customers at the heart of your strategy has become necessary for your business.

Segment your data to direct your messages, personalize your marketing campaigns and bring value to your customers. You will make them satisfied customers.

Create social media campaigns

Social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram … allow you to develop your notoriety. They involve rethinking certain formats used to communicate with your audience. For example: stories on Facebook or Instagram, live videos that highlight new products.

You can create advertising campaigns on social media to reach your targets more widely and thus generate more traffic to your website.

And finally, your marketers and sales people can also implement a social selling strategy to find and win new customers.

Develop an inbound marketing strategy

You can move from mass and intrusive marketing to more personalized and customer-focused marketing. Implement a content strategy to engage your customers and optimize your SEO to attract more Internet users to your site. Then you just have to optimize your website by setting up forms to collect qualified data and then optimize your tunnel to increase conversion rates.

Generate demand to sell your products or services online

Use all marketing techniques (SEO SEA referencing, content marketing, advertising on social networks, inbound marketing, social selling, etc.) to generate demand and develop online sales.

Create value, educate your audience, create commitment and support your prospects throughout their buying cycle. This will increase your income. You will also optimize your customer acquisition cost.

Boost your performance with artificial intelligence (AI)

The success of the digital transformation of your marketing department also depends on the contribution of artificial intelligence. Many solutions and platforms have emerged in recent years to save you time, improve your performance and manage your data more efficiently.

Some examples :

  • Solutions relating to traffic acquisition (segmentation, scoring, targeting).

  • Marketing automation tools that allow you to automatically optimize your marketing campaigns, automate low value-added tasks and measure the indicators of your communication actions (e-mailing, sms).

  • Content creation solutions that allow you to produce articles based on identified themes and keywords.

  • Optimization solutions for your web pages.

  • Predictive marketing solutions.

  • Solutions for conversational agents, behavioral analysis, etc.

Conclusion :

Digitize your marketing by exploiting digital innovations to attract more visitors to your website and convert your prospects into customers. The success of your transformation depends above all on a good knowledge of customers and the implementation of personae and tools to automate your marketing processes and your communication actions.

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