E-commerce website creation: why use Shopify?

by Brohems
E-commerce website creation: why use Shopify?

With the explosion of online sales, creating an e-commerce site makes sense. Today, all companies, regardless of their resources, size or sector of activity, can sell on the Internet. However, to perform, it is important to choose the e-commerce platform with which you will design your online store. This is a key success factor! 

That’s why we recommend using Shopify. This e-commerce platform makes it possible to create a commercial site in tune with the times, capable of meeting the requirements of both Internet users and merchants.

Let’s do an overview with 4 good reasons to use Shopify for the creation of an e-commerce site!

1. Create an efficient and inexpensive e-commerce site with Shopify

Shopify allows you to create an efficient e-commerce site, quickly and at a lower cost.

An all-inclusive e-commerce solution

Using Shopify first ensures having a hosted online store, which does not require any downloads. Shopify is a SaaS solution (“Software as a Service”) so everything happens online. Of course, you can associate your own domain name with it, at no extra cost. If you don’t have one yet, you can buy it directly on the platform.

Hundreds of themes to create an attractive e-commerce site

Shopify integrates all the tools needed to create successful e-commerce sites. It starts with the design, thanks to the large catalog of themes offered (free and paid). You can also opt for a personalized Shopify theme by calling on a Shopify agency in Reunion. This is the best solution for your online store to reflect your brand identity 100%!

A personalized online store

To complete the basic functionality offered by Shopify, you have access to the Shopify App Store. This database includes more than 8,000 applications to customize your online store. If you can’t find an app that meets your needs, you can also hire a Shopify expert like Axiom Marketing.

Sell ​​online fast

This expertise also turns out to be a valuable asset if you want to quickly launch your e-commerce business. We know how fast everything goes on the Internet: reaching too far means taking the risk of seeing a competitor position themselves in your place.

It is therefore in your best interest to opt for a web agency capable of creating an effective online store and, above all, as soon as possible. With an expert agency in Shopify e-commerce site creation, your merchant site can be active in less than a month!

Use Shopify for a cheap online store

Using Shopify finally means controlling the costs of your online store. The platform offers, in fact, packages from 27 euros per month (“Basic” formula), to which are added any transaction costs.

These depend on the sales made on the online store: they are proportional to the turnover. Shopify thus offers excellent value for money compared to other e-commerce solutions, which are less efficient, less intuitive and more expensive.

2. Provide online store customers with optimal user experience

Using Shopify for creating an e-commerce site has as many advantages for merchants as for Internet users: Shopify’s interfaces and features are 100% user-oriented.

Specialist in e-commerce, the platform knows the requirements of buyers. It is also in its interest to guarantee your online sales, since it is paid in part on your turnover (transaction costs).

Thus, you benefit from an up-to-date online store, with:

  • User experience-oriented content (FAQ page, legal notices, general conditions of sale, etc.);
  • An optimized check-out process (with the integration of fast payments with PayPal and Apple Pay);
  • Secure transactions (HTTPS protocol), etc.

However, using Shopify to create your e-commerce site is not a miracle solution. To sell effectively online, you must understand your target and know their expectations. Thanks to this customer knowledge, you will be able to design a successful online store and make your first sales quickly.

This is why calling on a Shopify expert turns out to be a real asset. You benefit from his years of expertise and his hindsight on your digital project to offer your users an optimal online experience.

3. Track your e-commerce activity with Shopify

Shopify is not just an e-commerce site creation platform. It is also a management tool to manage and monitor your daily activity.

The Shopify back office allows you to:

  • Manage your product catalog,
  • Track your inventory by location,
  • Track your orders,
  • Analyze the performance of the store (visits, turnover, conversion rate, etc.),
  • Use your customer file,
  • Sell ​​your products, even outside of Shopify (on social networks, for example), etc.

So you have access to an all-in-one e-commerce platform if you choose to use Shopify. Everything is designed to make everyday life easier for e-merchants: the interface is intuitive and easy to learn, even when you’re just starting out.

If in doubt, you can always hire a Shopify agency to get started on the platform and get expert help. Their expert advice is also welcome if you already use Shopify, but are looking to increase your online sales.

4. Promote your e-commerce site from the Shopify back office

Using Shopify is the best alternative to create and boost your online business. In addition to offering a management tool, it includes a whole host of marketing features to promote your products and your e-commerce site.

Thus, to promote your online store, you can from the Shopify back office:

  • Send marketing emails to your customer file,
  • Schedule remarketing campaigns on social networks,
  • Publish blog posts,
  • Optimize the SEO tags of your sales pages,
  • Offer exclusive discount codes to your prospects and customers,
  • Sell ​​gift cards to use on your online store,
  • Share your product catalog on social networks (Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube).

Maintain customer relationship

Thanks to Shopify, you have access to many tools to maintain customer relations and ultimately increase your turnover.

The platform allows you to send marketing emails to your file of prospects and customers to distribute personalized offers and information. Note that Shopify ensures compliance with European data protection regulations (GDPR): this means that it will take into account the user’s authorization or refusal to be contacted for marketing purposes.

You can also automatically send emails to encourage the user to recover their abandoned cart. It’s a simple and effective way to increase the sales of your online store.

To cultivate the customer relationship, you can also create discount codes to share with your prospects or customers. In the back office, you access all the statistics relating to their use. These reports also exist for other media such as emails. Using Shopify therefore allows you to concretely measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

Finally, Shopify connects to your social networks, including Facebook and Instagram. You can therefore broadcast advertising to Internet users who have visited your site without taking any action. This is called remarketing (or retargeting). It is an interesting marketing practice to bring them back and encourage them to place an order thanks to personalized messages, or even discounts.

Increase the visibility of your e-commerce site

Your Shopify store, no matter how attractive, will only be able to maximize its performance if it is easily findable. For this, there is an essential channel: the search engine. Being visible on Google is a key success factor for your online business.

Thus, it is an issue to integrate very early in your project to create an e-commerce site. If you decide to use Shopify, you won’t even have to think about it. The platform integrates all the tools to optimize your natural referencing (SEO), that is to say your ranking on the search results pages.

For example, you can easily add a blog to your e-commerce site. It is a common practice in SEO to place strategic keywords and exploit all opportunities to appear in a good position on Google. However, this requires feeding it regularly: publishing a blog article once every four mornings will have little (if any) effect on your natural referencing… Consider contacting a web editor to accompany you and write articles for you. SEO blog that captivate your target audience.

Finally, Shopify allows you to customize the SEO tags of each page of the site. These are the texts that appear on the search results pages. It is essential to optimize them well, because it is the first “contact” that the Internet user will have with your online store. The tags must therefore make him want to click on your link rather than that of a competitor!

Increase the potential of your e-commerce site

To increase the potential of an e-commerce site, using Shopify is one of the most effective solutions today. The platform is constantly evolving to adapt its offer to the needs of sellers and especially buyers.

This is why it integrated features such as the synchronization of Shopify stores with social networks very early on. It is indeed very simple to connect your e-commerce site with Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest to sell your products directly on your platforms. This responds to current consumer behaviors and shortens the sales funnel. The potential of the shop is thus increased tenfold!

Social Commerce is one of the pillars of the future of e-commerce. Users, already accustomed to buying on mobile, are more and more likely to use social networks to shop. Subscribers to brand profiles, they find and discover new products in the blink of an eye, tagged on publications. They thus access descriptions, prices and a purchase button to place an order if they wish.

It is therefore a turn to take if you want to boost the sales of your merchant site and, for this, using Shopify is an essential first step.

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