How to digitize your business: advice and strategy

by Brohems
How to digitize your business: advice and strategy

What are the advantages of going through a consulting agency for your digital transformation process? Make an inventory of existing processes, support for change, implementation of a digital strategy.

Why be accompanied for the digitization of your company?

A digital strategy consulting agency supports you in your digital transformation process. Calling on a digital expert has several advantages. With a wise and external eye, he will be able to:

  • Diagnose current processes

  • Understand the needs of your employees

  • Adopt the right methodology and find solutions for optimizing the processes to be digitized

  • Define a digital strategy and prioritize digital projects

  • Communicate with departments to facilitate organizational change ownership

Thanks to our auditing and consulting capabilities at BROHEMS Consulting, we help VSEs and SMEs identify opportunities to digitize their processes. We support individuals in driving change. Our mission: to define a digital strategy to enable companies to achieve their objectives.

Why involve your employees in a digital transformation project

The success of a digitization project depends first and foremost on the commitment of management and its strategic vision. But it is also to associate the whole company to anticipate the conduct of change. Each individual must understand the approach, the vision of the company and the objectives of digitalization. Everyone must feel involved and an actor of change.

The company must talk about upcoming projects, tools and solutions that will arrive in the company. It must communicate upstream with employees by highlighting the benefits of the digital transformation project. The company must develop a useful training plan for the proper deployment of new solutions.

How to establish an inventory of the digital situation of your company

First, the digital transformation consulting agency will carry out a diagnosis of all the existing processes in the company. An expert will carry out a complete audit of all the digital and organizational systems put in place in the company’s departments and services.

Upstream of the digital transformation project, you must involve a few managers and employees. They will be interviewed by the service provider to analyze the various processes put in place and the organization within their departments. He will make an inventory of the business software and tools used by the various departments.

This audit should enable the expert to:

  • Understand the needs of each department.

  • Identify the daily problems of employees to consider possible optimization solutions.

  • Clarify the company’s digital challenges.

Digitalization goes hand in hand with a good digital strategy

Digital transformation consists of completely rethinking your business strategy to adapt to digital. Depending on your goals and your activity, you will surely:

  • Implement new solutions to increase production and agility. Examples: Customer Relationship Management CRM Solution, Marketing Automation Solution, Intervention Management and Planning Solution, HR Management Solution, BI Solution, Accounting Solution, etc.

  • Rethink the marketing model for your products or services,

  • Work on your online presence on social networks,

  • Define an inbound marketing strategy to optimize your conversion rate,

  • Write marketing content in a professional blog,

  • Create a website optimized for natural referencing (SEO),

  • Analyze data using performance indicators.

Conclusion :

Digitalization is becoming a major challenge for any company that wants to remain competitive.

It improves various aspects: increased team productivity, time savings in processes, more effective digital communication, improved working conditions for employees, achievement of results.

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