What are the advantages of creating an advertising campaign on Google Ads?

by Brohems
What are the advantages of creating an advertising campaign on Google Ads?

You have just created your business and you want to obtain visibility, immediate notoriety and quickly sell your products. The campaign on Google Ads is one of the acquisition levers that you must integrate into your digital marketing strategy. Find out what are the advantages and advice of an SEA campaign on Google Ads.

You will get immediate results

Being well referenced naturally on Google takes time and positioning on certain keywords can be a bit tedious in a very competitive environment and depending on your activity.

Google Ads is therefore an excellent lever to increase traffic and increase the visibility of your new website.

In order to obtain instant results, you must first create a strategic roadmap with objectives and define your campaign plans.

How to build a strategic roadmap?

You must first define your objectives for your acquisition campaign.

  • Do you want to get visits to your website?

  • Would you like to sell your products or services directly?

  • Do you want to make your brand known to your target and gain visibility (notoriety)?

How to define your campaign plans before starting on the Google Ads platform?

Define your marketing plan

Analyze the targets you will hit (personas)

Define their needs?

Define your semantic plan based on your keywords.

You have the possibility to choose your keywords. They must be relevant to your business and to people when searching on Google. As soon as a user searches for one of your keywords, it will trigger the display of your ad if your bid is high enough.

Define your budgeting plan to have an economic model.

What average cost are you willing to pay to recruit new customers?

Your conversion plan to measure transformation on your website (direct sales / forms filled out by visitors / phone calls)


You will precisely hit your target

With the Google Ads platform, you easily select your criteria to be as precise as possible in your targeting: location (geographical area), language, type of device, demographic data (age), distribution schedule of your advertisement.

You can also target Internet users by their behavior. This consists of remarketing or retargeting. The Internet user goes to your website and then leaves. He will then receive ads related to the products he has viewed on your site.

You can reach people who have visited your website. You will create advertisements (attractive visuals) that you will distribute on Google’s partner networks.

You will know precisely the return on investment of your campaigns

Many indicators allow you to measure your advertising campaign: the average cost per click (CPC), the level of quality of your keywords (quality score), the conversion rate, the cost per acquisition (CPA), the frequency of distribution of your ads.

Check the profitability of your keywords and ads using analytical tools offered on the platform.

Then adjust your bids based on the results to increase the performance of your campaigns.

Conclusion :

Google Ads is one of the most effective paid search methods to get sales quickly and increase brand awareness. You should reconsider your digital marketing strategy if you have not yet tested this lever to reach your targets.

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