How to create a website for your restaurant

by Brohems
How to create a website for your restaurant

Loving to cook? This is how to create a site for your restaurant and how to reference it on Google. Digitize your menus. Promote your website to attract more customers to your restaurant and increase your online orders.

Create your restaurant website with a CMS

Existing solutions on the market

CMS like Wix, Wordpress, Ionos, Webself offer you templates to customize very easily. So you can choose a design that matches the style of your restaurant.

Once the model has been chosen on one of these solutions, you integrate your own photos (preferably quality images), your texts and your videos. Give your future customers a preview of the dishes they will be able to taste. Connect your domain name and choose web hosting.

A responsive design website for its restaurant

Most CMS today offer themes in responsive design. They allow you to adapt your visual content to any screen size.

This is essential for your restaurant. Today, Internet users who search for a restaurant on search engines mainly use a smartphone. Your website must be mobile-friendly for better navigation and user experience.

Use a web agency to create your website

You have just acquired a restaurant and probably do not have the time to invest time in creating your website. I suggest you contact 3 agencies near you that make websites. Compare prices after carefully drawing up and sending in a specification. Formalize your needs as part of your web project.

The advantages of working with a web agency near you:

  • You benefit from advice to create the architecture of your website,

  • Web editors write and structure the content of your pages which will be optimized for natural referencing (SEO).

  • This web agency can help you set up a local SEO strategy. Creation of your profile on Google Business Profile with a maximum of useful information for Internet users. The highlighting of your menu as well as the reservation of a table online with the positive opinions of your customers.

  • This agency, if it is specialized in digital marketing, can support you in the implementation of webmarketing campaigns to acquire new customers and retain your customers (purchases of keywords, advertisements, e-mailing, newsletter).

  • This digital agency can publish your restaurant’s contact details in online directories.

Digitize your menu for your restaurant

Optimize the service in your restaurant. Give your servers a chance to focus only on support and advice. Increase your sales by taking orders on a touch tablet, QR code menu on smartphone, click & collect for your restaurant. Improve the customer experience by meeting the different expectations of your consumers.

Digital communication tips for your restaurant

It is essential for your restaurant to be visible on the internet. Here are some communication actions to do as soon as your restaurant opens:

  • Develop a social media strategy to build brand awareness for your restaurant. Open an account and create a page on Instagram, Facebook to share engaging content. Also launch advertising campaigns on these social networks. Use influencers to promote your dishes.

  • Optimize your page on Google Business Profile to be visible locally by giving all the practical information (opening hours, address, menus, etc.) to your customers. Also collect a maximum of positive opinions to gain notoriety.

  • List your establishment in all relevant directories (TheFork, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Yellow Pages).

  • Launch keyword buying campaigns on Google Ads.

  • Send e-mailing campaigns to your customers to announce events or inform them of news from your restaurant.

Attract more customers with a well-referenced website on search engines. Boost your bookings with maximum visibility on the internet, social networks and online directories.

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