Create your Google Business Profile

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Create your Google Business Profile

Google Business Profile lets you manage your business’s presence in Google Search and Google Maps. It is a free tool that allows you to locally reference your business.

In 2022, the Google my Business app will no longer be available. To manage your information on your business listing, you can directly access it in Google search or through Google Maps. To do this, simply type the name of your company in the search bar.

As you will have understood, it is very important to create your Google Business Profile (Google my Business) to optimize the local and natural referencing of your company. This sheet will allow you to sell your products or services near Internet users who search by keywords on the Google search engine. Today, one out of two Internet users performs a local search to make purchases.

The different steps to create your Google Business Profile:

  • Have a Gmail account

  • Own a business of any size

  • Create an account and claim your business

  • Optimize the information in the different sections of your file

Creating your Google Business Profile

  • Sign in to your Gmail account or create a Gmail account if you don’t have one.

  • Click in the Google application and select “Business listing”. Enter your company name.

  • Select a main category based on your department’s activity. You can also specify secondary categories. Fill in the location of your business and the areas you serve.

  • Indicate your opening hours.

  • Enter a phone number.

  • Fill in the address of your website. If you don’t have one, our digital web marketing agency can help you.

Then verify your business on Google. Using a code that will be sent to you within a week, log in to Google Business Profile, then select your site to verify and type in your verification code.

For some businesses, Google also allows them to verify by phone or email.

Finally, if you manage more than 10 sites for the same company, you will be able to verify your information in bulk.

Creation of your Google Business Profile by Google Maps

  • Connect to Google Maps

  • Click on the menu at the top left and “add your business”

  • Enter the name of your company and the category of activity then click on the following button.

  • Add a place and click on the next button.

  • Enter your address.

  • Indicate the areas served, the opening hours and also all other information. The steps remain the same as on Google my Business.

Claim your business on Google Maps

First, find the name of your company and click on manage my establishment then declare that you are the owner of the establishment. Follow the directions.

Optimize your Google Business Profile

Correctly complete all the useful information to give the most correct details about your establishment to Internet users who are looking for products or services near them.

To do this, go to your listing’s dashboard and click on info in the drop-down menu on the left. At any time, you can suggest changes and save them.

Include photos, videos and a logo on your Google Business Profile.

Photos allow you to stand out in the first place against other companies that would not submit their photos. Add short videos to describe your business and your products or services.

Display your products or services with your prices

You can group your products by category for more clarity on Google.

Respond to customer reviews

When your customers post new reviews on your listing, respond to them. You show your interest and your seriousness in answering all the opinions. Whether positive or negative.

Respond to different messages

Your customers and prospects send you new messages. Keep in touch constantly! Be responsive and answer their questions.

Publish posts regularly

  • Advertise events

  • Promote new products or services

  • Announce promotional offers for a specific period of time

  • Inform your customers of news about your company

Fill in all the useful links to contact you

  • Link to your site,

  • Link to get a quote,

  • Link for making an appointment,

  • Telephone,

  • Fax

Analyze your Google Business Profile statistics to optimize your profile

You will be able to analyze the different search modes (discovery, direct and by brand). You will also find out where your customers or prospects are contacting you from (Maps or Google search). You will also be able to follow certain indicators (number of calls, number of visits to your website, messages sent, number of route requests).

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